About Mariella

Mariella was born in 1986 in Suriname. She grew up in Paramaribo where she finished her pre-university education (VWO) at the A.A.H. Atheneum. In her spare time, she enjoyed classical ballet and she danced for almost 10 years at the Charlotte Sprangers ballet school. Besides dancing, she is passionate about art and as a child she painted, made arts and crafts and wrote short stories. 

In 2004, she moved to Amsterdam and studied Medical Natural Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit. After completing her Bachelor of Science in 2007, she continued with a Master of Science in Biomolecular Sciences. To conclude her Master's she completed three research internships, one of which was at AECOM in New York, USA.  

During her studies Mariella became inspired by research and decided to continue her carreer with a PhD. She joined the lab of prof. dr. Hoogenraad at Utrecht University in The Netherlands in 2011. Here she worked for 4 years on different projects to investigate intracellular transport in nerve cells in the brain.

For more information visit Mariella's LinkedIn page.



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