My Creative Side

Every now and then we all need to get out of our heads and do something (this is especially true for scientist!). Me, I like to work with my hands. I have sewn, sculpted and painted with pretty much anything I can get my hands on. And I still try to do this as often as possible.

These are a few of my creations. From top left to bottom right: Candy Jar Earrings - Chinese Style Hand Fan - Shopper from Recycled Plastic Bags - Airy Summer Trousers - T-shirt Dress with Lace Collar - 4 way Glitter Top - Mozaic Mirror - Remake of Guys T with Flock Foil - Dress with puffed sleeves; me and my brother after my thesis defense. 

Want to know how I made these items or interested to see my other work? Visit me @

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